Outdoor Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd

From a single retail store a few years ago, our group philosophy evolved with every expanding step. We have embraced a vertically integrated business model and subsequently invest in owner managed businesses that operate with a great deal of independence. Outdoor Investment Holdings now consist of two independent wholesale businesses with a combined 60 years trading history in South Africa as well as the leading large format retailer in Africa.

Our Value System

Our Vision & 
Driving Force 


Our vision is to be Africa’s leading and most respected vertically integrated wholesale distribution and retail business, serving the outdoor industry.

Our Philosophy


We strive to create an entrepreneurial ethos with strong incentives for performance. We believe in tight centralised financial control linked to a low cost operating model.

Our Core Competence


We believe we have:

•  Independently financed and managed divisions.

•  Clearly articulated and communicated strategic plan at a group and operational level.

•  Access to affordable capital at the appropriate time.

•  We compliment divisional activity with group competency.

Our Values

Our values summarise who we are and were crafted by the people living our business. We do not exclude anyone through this value set, but we rather aim to attract a very specific individual by living these values daily. We do not succeed in everything but we are never satisfied with failure or mediocrity and we never stop trying to improve.


These values are not aimed at excluding any particular individual or group of individuals but is rather a reflection of the deeply ingrained set of beliefs that we use in navigating the challenges of daily life.


We strive for a high standard of corporate governance but at the same time recognize and understand the necessity to be commercially minded. Practically that translates as having a healthy obsession with the customer and his / her needs. Group support services therefore aim to reduce duplication, standardize processes and procedures and to remove excessive administrative burdens.

  • “Show time” experience: we help build the dream in all our businesses

  • We know your name: we build lasting friendships

  • Stewardship: we take responsibility

  • Exceed expectations: we give more that what was asked

  • We follow Christ: family values, humility, respect, honesty and integrity

  • Energy and passion: we don’t let the sun set

  • We are experts: obsessed with product knowledge and training

  • We build teams: we attract and empower the best people

  • Devil is in the detail: we pay attention

Strategic Business Goals


Strategic Activity


  • Well defined business plans per independent business aimed at future growth and profitability
  • Tactical objectives set by operational teams to deliver on business plan vision
  • Achievable budgets that are broken down and communicated to grassroot level
  • Identification of new investment opportunities


Market Segmentation


  • Brand positioning by industry and business
  • Price point positioning based on careful research and competitive matrix
  • Geographic and demographic sensitivity
  • Detailed customer profiling and tracking


Merchant & Planning 

  • Range development, continuous evaluation and rationalisation.
  • Brand performance evaluation
  • Business intelligence to enable medium and long term production planning
  • Working capital optimisation

Our Core Team

Marco van Niekerk

Group Chief Executive Officer


Marco comes from a strong academic background and proceeded to cut his teeth in a variety of retailing, wholesaling and distribution businesses on an international scale. His last corporate position was director of the publicly listed JD Group while simultaneously being the Chief Executive of Incredible Connection and HiFi Corp, the two dominant electronic retail businesses in South Africa.

Claudette van den Berg

General Manager Group Finance


Claudette comes from a very strong financial background having structured and managed retail and wholesale businesses for the last 20 years. During her time at Iliad Africa Ltd, she excelled through several promotions and was eventually responsible for Thorpe Timbers (one of the largest importing, processing and wholesaling timber businesses in South Africa) as acting Managing Director for more than 6 months.

Willem Immelman

Safari Outdoor Marketing &
Merchandise Executive


Willem is one of the original founding members of Safari Outdoor and heads up the marketing and merchant teams. Willem is an industry veteran with a proven track record and unmatched passion for retailing.

Hilgard van Niekerk

Safari Outdoor Operations Executive

Hilgard joined the business in 2015 as the executive head of operations. In his previous position, he headed up the operational team who established the brand POCO for its parent company Steinhoff. Hilgard is a very experienced retailer with years invested in publicly listed mega retailers Iliad and Massmart.
Hilgard obtained a BCom Degree in International Trade and Marketing in 2004. He went on to complete his honours degree and later added a Masters of Business (MBL) by 2010.

Helmut Steidler

Inyathi Procurement &
Strategic Brand Director


Helmut joined Kodak South Africa in 1996 and soon became the export manager for the Sub Sahara region. In 2001 he joined Telecom Technologies based in Botswana as General Manager. From there he returned to South Africa and re-joined Kodak South Africa as National Sales Manager.
In 2011 he was approached by the then owners of Safari and Outdoor to join their group and manage their expanding business in Gauteng and South Africa.
With the 2015 takeover of Safari Outdoor by the Outdoor Investment Holdings Group, Helmut was offered the position of Procurement and Strategic Brand Director for Inyathi Sporting Supplies.

Johannes Coertze

Formalito Managing Director


Johannes is one of the most experienced operators in the industry with more than 20 years active experience in wholesaling and distribution. Johannes is a qualified engineer who chose a life as a wholesaler of outdoor products.

Naas Greyling

Formalito General Manager


Naas joined Formalito during 2017 and was appointed general manager during 2018. Naas has extensive retail experience gained as an employee of Massmart (Wallmart) and JD Group (Steinhoff) over the last 10 years and he brought a new dimension to the sales and operations teams of Formalito, having gained a thorough understanding of the needs of retailers. 

The percentage of phone calls that were answered in less than 5 rings. About 380,000 calls were received*


*Safari Outdoor customer touchpoints over the last 12 months

Where a call was missed, we initiated call-back on 100% of missed calls.*



*Safari Outdoor customer touchpoints over the last 12 months

Fill rate. This is the fraction of customer demand that is met through immediate stock availability, without backorders or lost sales*


*This is for al 4 businesses over the last 12 months

Our Philosophy

We strive to create an entrepreneurial ethos with strong incentives for performance. We believe in tight centralisedfinancial control linked to a low cost operating model.