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serving the outdoor industry

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Welcome to Outdoor Investment Holdings

From a single retail store a few years ago, our group philosophy evolved with every expanding step. We have embraced a vertically integrated business model and subsequently invest in owner managed businesses that operate with a great deal of independence. Outdoor Investment Holdings now consist of two independent wholesale businesses with a combined 60 years trading history in South Africa as well as the leading large format outdoor sporting goods retailer in Africa.

Our Value System

Our Vision & 
Driving Force 


Our vision is to be Africa’s leading and most respected vertically integrated wholesale distribution and retail business, serving the outdoor industry.

Our Philosophy


We strive to create an entrepreneurial ethos with strong incentives for performance. We believe in tight centralised financial control linked to a low cost operating model.

Our Core Competence

We believe we have:

•  Independently financed and managed divisions.

•  Clearly articulated and communicated strategic plan at a group and operational level.

•  Access to affordable capital at the appropriate time.

•  We compliment divisional activity with group competency.

Strategic Business Goals


Strategic Activity

  • Well defined business plans per independent business aimed at future growth and profitability
  • Tactical objectives set by operational teams to deliver on business plan vision
  • Achievable budgets that are broken down and communicated to grassroot level
  • Identification of new investment opportunities


Market Segmentation

  • Brand positioning by industry and business
  • Price point positioning based on careful research and competitive matrix
  • Geographic and demographic sensitivity
  • Detailed customer profiling and tracking


Merchant & Planning

  • Range development, continuous evaluation and rationalisation.
  • Brand performance evaluation
  • Business intelligence to enable medium and long term production planning
  • Working capital optimisation

About our different businesses and understanding our

Business Model

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We strive to give a
"Showtime experience"

We live in a world that is filled with information and technology that seamlessly interact with everything in and around itself and we are pulled along at a tremendous pace.

But there still remains a few businesses and industries in the world that are different. These businesses are fueled by passion and energy and move with a different rhythm. Their customers love them and what they stand for. OIH chose to invest in these industries.

This video gives an overview of our history, vision and how we think about the future.

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